Rajpipla is the headquarters of Narmada District with bustling markets that offer a wide range of products, and medical facilities of every kind. It is renowned for its enchanting natural beauty, blessed with the holy Narmada River, Karjan River, streams, waterfalls,the Satpura mountain range, valleys, thick teak forests, and evergreen banana and sugarcane plantations.In the natural hilly and thickly forested area along the valley and reservoir of Narmada River, there are sloth bears, panthers, deer, antelopes, foxes, jackals, hyena, monkeys and other small animals, and birds like eagles, green pigeons (parrots) and owls,among others, whereas one can find crocodiles and otters in the rivers.The climate is bracing year-round without excessive cold, heat or rain.
Rajpipla is also a religious centre with shrines of all faiths, temples, mosques, dargahs,Jain derasar, Parsifire temple, church and Sikh gurudwara. On both banks of River Narmada there are ancient holy sites and bathing ghats, mainly of Lord Shiva and temples of saintsat Garudeshwar, Chandod, Shuklateerth, Nareshwar, Shoolpaneshwar andKabirwad,among other places. The Jain temple at Jhagadia is well known.

Shoolpaneshwar Temple

The original Shoolpaneshwar Temple was on a rock in the middle of River Narmada.After construction of SardarSarovad Dam, the temple was submerged. A new temple was made at an elevated spot near Gora village, overlooking the Narmada.


Ancient Jain Temple,Jhagadia

The ancient Jain Temple at Jhagadia,35 kilometres from Rajpipla, is very famous, considered in Gujarat next only to the Jain Temples at Palitana. It was constructed many centuries ago by a ruler of Rajpipla for worship by the Jain subjects in the State. It has intrinsic stone carvings and statues, decorative marble flooring with inlay work, and embossed silver and gold plated design. Jain devotees from Gujarat and other states visit in large numbers during religious occasions.



The historic town of Dabhoi is well known for its 12th-13thCentury Solanki Rajput fort, one of the first in Western India, with four massive gateways. The Hira gate, with its fabulous sculpture is a fine example of military architecture of that period. Dabhoi has been an important centre of pilgrimage with impressive Hindu and Jain Temples. The finest are the Kali and Adinath Temple


Malsamot Hill Station

This hillyarea near the Maharashtra border, with bracing cool weather, beautiful valleys and the Ninai waterfallamidst teak forests,andviewing points for sunrise and sunset, is breathtaking.It is atwo-hour drive from Rajpiplaon a picturesque winding road. 


Pawagadh and Champaner

This is now a World Heritage site with Goddess Temple on the peak of the mountain approachable upto certain height by a ropeway and reachable upto the top by steps. Champaner fortification, mosque with minarets and some other restored intricately stone carved monuments at the base are worth a visit, it is 2 hours drive from Rajpipla.



Located on an island in the Narmada River, Kabirwad is famous for its gigantic Banyan tree which covers a vast area and is believed to have been grown when Saint Kabir lived here.The roots of this enormous tree having spread wide, it is extremely shady where many varieties of birds have taken shelter. There is an imposing Kabir Temple thronged by worshippers,especially on weekends and holidays.Families, students and various groups enjoy picnics here.Regular motor boats to Kabirwadoperate from the banks near the pilgrim town of Shuklatirth. 


Narmada Sardar Sarovar Dam

The Sardar Sarovar Dam on River Narmada is India’s largest multi-purpose project. It is located in Gujarat, with Madhya Pradesh just a few metres away, and Maharashtra close by. The revoir stretches for a huge distance in the Satpuras. It is just a 30-minute drive from Rajpipla, and being developed as a tourist attraction. The gigantic Statue of Unity of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the tallest in the world, is being constructed a few kilometres downstream. River Karjan is a tributary of the Narmada. The dam across the Karjan is only 7 kilometres from Rajpipla and below the mediaeval capital of Junaraj. It was earlier Gujarat’s largest masonry dam, providing irrigation in Narmada and Bharuch Districts. Boating facilities in the reservoir are being considered. 


Statue of Unity

The recently inaugurated Statue of Unity, the tallest statue in the world, is in very close proximity to the hotel, at a distance of 25kms. It is very easily accessible by road from the hotel.